Token Listing for the Template.html/Template.xml file

NOTE: ALL tags support a special XML setting called Roles. Setting this Value for any Tag to a comma delimited list of Security Roles will restrict rendering of that Tag to users who are in at least one of the roles. For example: Setting the Roles value for the DOWNLOADCOUNT tag to “Administrators” will only display the number of downloads to members of the Administrators role.

There is also a special Token Prefix, "#" which will display the raw data without surrounding the value with any html tags or attributes.

ITEMID Item’s Unique ID none
EDIT Hyperlink to edit item ImageURL ~/images/edit.gif
TITLE Item’s Title CssClass Head
CATEGORY Current Category CssClass Head
CATEGORIES List of Categories associated with Item CssClass normal
ATTRIBUTE:name Selected values for Attribute name CssClass normal
DNNLABEL:name DNN Label Control with resource key of name none
LABEL:name Static text label with resource key of name CssClass normal
AUTHOR Username of Uploader CssClass normal
AUTHOREMAIL Email address of Uploader CssClass normal
DOWNLOADCOUNT Number of downloads CssClass normal
DESCRIPTION Item’s Description CssClass normal
SUMMARY Item’s Summary CssClass normal
FILESIZE Uploaded file size CssClass normal
CREATEDDATE Date the item was uploaded DateFormat
CssClass normal
UPDATEDDATE Date the item was last uploaded or edited DateFormat
CssClass normal
FILEICON Icon file based on file extension Width 16
Height 16
Download on Click false
TEMPLATEIMAGEFOLDER Path to the current template’s image folder none
JAVASCRIPTFOLDER Path to the Repository Module js folder none
IMAGE Item’s full size image none
THUMBNAIL Item’s image resized Width 150
DOWNLOAD Hyperlink to download the Item’s file CssClass SubHead
Target SELF, NEW
RATINGS Summary of User Ratings. Also a hyperlink to open the Ratings Form none
COMMENTS Hyperlink to open the Comments Form. Also displays the number of comments none
COMMENTCOUNT Number of Comments CssClass normal
RATINGSFORM Placeholder where the Ratings Form will open none
COMMENTSFORM Placeholder where the Comments Form will open none
FILEURL URL to the Item’s File none
IMAGEURL URL to the Item’s Image none
TABID The Tab ID that hosts the module none
PERMALINK A permalink URL to the item CssClass normal
CURRENTUSER A property of the currently logged in user Property userid, username, displayname, email, firstname, lastname
Default Unknown User
USERPROFILE A property of the currently logged in user's profile Property cell, city, country, fax, firstname, fullname, im, lastname, postalcode, prefferedlocale, region, street, telephone, timezone, unit, website
Default Unknown User
SECURITYROLES A list of the security roles allowed to see the item CssClass normal
SHOWDETAILSPAGE A link that displays the Details.html template for the item CssClass normal
SHOWLISTPAGE A link that displays the Template.html template for the module CssClass normal

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