NOTE: This document covers module version 03.05.04

What is the Repository Module?

Pronunciation: ri-'pä-z&-"tOr-E
Function: noun
Inflected Form(s): plural -ries
1 : a place, room, or container where something is deposited or stored

The DotNetNuke® Repository Module (DRM) can be used to store a collection of files, images, links or text on a server running the DotNetNuke® framework. While DRM can simply be used as an enhanced Documents Module, it can also be used as much more. Through it’s use of a powerful and flexible template system to control the display and maintenance of items, you can use DRM to provide file downloads to your visitors, or present a resource directory as a collection of links, or a collection of business cards to provide a business directory, or an image gallery or portfolio, or even a video library with an embedded inline video player.

DRM is not limited to file uploads/downloads. You can even use DRM for articles, news or a simple blog. The uses of DRM are only limited by your imagination.

In addition to providing you with the ability to upload and download items, DRM also provides a User Rating and Feedback system. You can decide if you want to allow your visitors to rate your items or enter comments on each item. DRM also institutes a comprehensive security layer that allows you complete control over who can download, who can upload, who can rate or comment and where your items will be physically located on your web server.

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